Saturday, 8 October 2011

Day 72 - first compliment, day 73 - size 10 jeans!

Day 72 - I received the first compliment on my weight loss by someone I hadn't seen for many many weeks. They said hey have you lost a hell of a lot of weight? and i said did <person> tell you to say that?? and they said no! and later on they mentioned it again saying 'i really can't believe how much weight you've lost, you're wasting away on us!'.. It felt really good!!!!!!!
Went for a nice lone run too about 45minutes.

Day 73 - my jeans are down a size!!!! I was size 10 Australian and they were just getting too baggy and gross to wear anywhere so i went to the store and tried on some size 11s, but they were still too big so I had to actually ask for size 10. and they look sooo much better. You really need clothes that fit you properly to show off your actual figure. I was so happy!!

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  1. It's great when people notice the weight loss!! And congrats on going down a pant size - what a great feeling!!!