Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 74 and 75, 76 and 77 Looser shorts

Wow. I am busy.
One assignment after another. It's really hard because I don't think my friends understand when I have to reject them all the time when they ask to go out. That part stresses me out more than the assignments actually.

Day 74 and 75 I did two runs, 30minutes and 45 minutes. It's getting warmer and running is definitely getting harder. Lately I have been running without music to get used to my breathing and running so exposed now that it is daylight saving and nearing summer so it's getting much lighter at night. Lighter and hotter.

Day 76 and 77 I did nothing. 76 was a Tuesday which is the day I'm usually always buggered beyond belief on. And day  77 I had a work induction and just really didn't want to exercise. Soooo I had a Mcflurry instead. Not a good choice, I am aware of that.

Those shorts I was talking about a while ago which were tight when I bought them? They are loose now. A good fit but bordering on a bit loose. At least I have a job now so I can pay for smaller size clothes :-)

I also haven't done strength training for almost 2 weeks now. It's hard to find the motivation because I would rather run any day. Day 78 I will do some strength training.