Fat History

Under Construction.....

I wasn't always fat. But I started getting chubby when I started school. I remember when we used to sit on the floor listening to the teacher we would kneel. And my thighs were so much wider than my friends thighs. I used to sit up off my knees a bit so they wouldn't look as big.

Some kids called me fat a couple of times. I was never bullied over it, there were just a few heated incidences when weight is the most obvious payout to use.

My brothers and sisters had also teased me too. I was the chubby one of the family. I remember so many sad moments from being bullied by my siblings. And that only made me eat more. They made me cry sometimes. Kids can be horrible. 

Another time when I was 8, I was due to be wearing a midriff top and tight shorts in a school dance routine. And my mum subtly told me to try and 'cut down on the garlic bread' before the dance. That has really stuck with me. God it hurt at the time. For a little kid ya' know?
She really should have encouraged me to exercise with her and take me walking instead of saying that.

In high school I was definitely not the fattest person there, but I was overweight and wanted to be skinny. I wasn't bullied about it. I went through various exercise phases on and off. Sometimes I thought about vomiting, sometimes I exercised and ate barely anything. But nothing was ever a serious life-long attempt. Until now....

I have discovered my inner athlete. I LOVE running. I think about it all the time and I just love the accomplished feeling you get after completing a run. I want to run a half marathon in the Sydney Runners Festival next year. That is my top goal for now. 

I also love vegetables now! The healthiest ones. They make me feel good after I eat them and they're essentially and unlimited food you can eat. I never used to eat any green veges in my first 18yrs of life.