Food diary

Day 20
Breakfast - 2 weetbix with muesli and skim milk 300-400 cal
Lunch - 2 rice cakes with ham and tomato 110cal
Snack - Protein shake small 120cal
Snack - 2 corn thins 46cal mandarin 40cal
Dinner - Beef korma curry with 50% vegetables and small portion white rice

Day 23
Breakfast - 2 weetbix with museli and skim milk 300-400cal
Lunch - 1 egg on 1 piece wholemeal bread with 1 cup of veggies
Snack - Up and go drink - 198cal
Dinner - Pizza (the exact amount I eat, we will soon find out!)

Day 34
3 Weetbix with muesli and skim milk
1 egg with tomato, garlic on a rice thin
Vanilla protein shake 112cal
Satay mixed vegetables
Yoghurt with muesli (small)

Day 43
2 Weetbix with muesli and skim milk
1 egg on rice thin with 1 cup garlic veggies
Loose palm-full of salted mixed nuts
Vegetables with spaghetti sauce