Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 74 and 75, 76 and 77 Looser shorts

Wow. I am busy.
One assignment after another. It's really hard because I don't think my friends understand when I have to reject them all the time when they ask to go out. That part stresses me out more than the assignments actually.

Day 74 and 75 I did two runs, 30minutes and 45 minutes. It's getting warmer and running is definitely getting harder. Lately I have been running without music to get used to my breathing and running so exposed now that it is daylight saving and nearing summer so it's getting much lighter at night. Lighter and hotter.

Day 76 and 77 I did nothing. 76 was a Tuesday which is the day I'm usually always buggered beyond belief on. And day  77 I had a work induction and just really didn't want to exercise. Soooo I had a Mcflurry instead. Not a good choice, I am aware of that.

Those shorts I was talking about a while ago which were tight when I bought them? They are loose now. A good fit but bordering on a bit loose. At least I have a job now so I can pay for smaller size clothes :-)

I also haven't done strength training for almost 2 weeks now. It's hard to find the motivation because I would rather run any day. Day 78 I will do some strength training.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Day 72 - first compliment, day 73 - size 10 jeans!

Day 72 - I received the first compliment on my weight loss by someone I hadn't seen for many many weeks. They said hey have you lost a hell of a lot of weight? and i said did <person> tell you to say that?? and they said no! and later on they mentioned it again saying 'i really can't believe how much weight you've lost, you're wasting away on us!'.. It felt really good!!!!!!!
Went for a nice lone run too about 45minutes.

Day 73 - my jeans are down a size!!!! I was size 10 Australian and they were just getting too baggy and gross to wear anywhere so i went to the store and tried on some size 11s, but they were still too big so I had to actually ask for size 10. and they look sooo much better. You really need clothes that fit you properly to show off your actual figure. I was so happy!!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Day 69, day 70, Week 10

Day 69 - 20min intervals on the exercise bike

Day 70 - nothing

Day 71 - nothing
FINALLY finished a huge essay 4500 words and 9 straight days of typing and reading. SO RELIEVED! But I ate heaps this arvo after I handed the essay in. HEAPS! 2 bowls of cereal. 

Monday, 3 October 2011

Day 68 - No exercise and another McFlurry

It's all in the title.
I'll try some excuses though...
The football grandfinal was on right before dinner. And I had been doing an assignment the whole day. We ordered dinner straight after the football and 15minutes later we ate it. Then it was late...and one of my shows was I got a McFlurry?

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Day 67 - Looooooong long run, ultimate calorie burner

7km. 60 minutes. Felt awesome. Did 3km, kept going, finished 5km then thought hey it's time I increase my mileage (or kilometreage) and I went for about another 2km. So my run was around, perhaps just over the 1hour mark. ULTIMATE calorie burner

Made a huge salad that I can dig in to over the next few days. Had a home-made chicken burger and salad for dinner followed by yoghurt and muesli. Wanted more (that run made me ultra hungry) but I resisted temptation and had a green tea.

Tomorrow I will do an easy run and/or indoor bike and hopefully some strength training.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Day 66 - Run and McFlurry

Did strength training in the morning. A 30ish minute run tonight. Then got a McDonalds McFlurry ice cream. 460 calories worth.  And it was AMAZZZZZZING!

Then had a piece of fish. Then had a small bowl of cereal.That was my dinner.

Sat on my arse all day doing uni work. Was good to get out the house.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Day 64 and 65 - Short 3km 20min run

Day 64 - Went for a run with the boy but got a horrible stitch right underneath my rib about 20minutes in and had to stop. Wore my new running bare shorts, so light and airy and comfy!
Had a piece of birthday cake for dessert....

Day 65 - no exercise, had a job interview and it went really well I think! :-)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Day 63 - Long run and pizza

Did my 45-50minute run route. It wasn't the best feeling run as I didn't feel very energized and I was noticing how my legs felt but I kept going. And glad I did because we had pizza for dinner to celebrate my brothers birthday. And maaaaaan it was yum! Oh and cake. But I only had a baby slice.

Plan for day 64 - Strength training and long run

Monday, 26 September 2011

Day 62 No exercise, job interview

Didn't get the job. Was for a surf shop and I think they may as well have just asked for a photo for the online application because the people who moved through to the next round all looked like the typical people that work there.

I woke up at 1:30pm and had to leave for the job at 5pm so my whole day was revolving around the clock, showering, working out what to wear and when I got back I was annoyed and didn't exercise.

I'm going to make up for it tomorrow though. A run in the morning because it is meant to be nice and cool around 21 C and depending on how long I run for I may do strength training in the arvo.

Day 59, 60 and 61- new running gear!

Day 59 was boiling hot! I went for a morning run and really struggled as I'm not used to running in the heat. I lasted for my 20min 3km loop then went home. ALCOHOL that night.

Day 57 was cold and rainy! I considered going for a run and for some reason I just didn't want to run in the rain. So I did interval training on the exercise bike for 20 minutes doing 8 second sprint, 12 second recovery.
Then I proceeded to go to a house party where I had white bread roll and lots of desserts- mars bar slice, chocolate spider and a lemon cupcake. oh and ALCOHOL!

WOMENS LIGHTS SHORTDay 58 was cold and rainy again. I had sushi for lunch (not sure about the calories of sushi), a bowl of cereal for afternoon tea and cereal for dinner. (Really craving cereal that day). I went for my long run - 5.3km about 45minutes wearing my new running gear - my peformax tights and I also bought some runnign bare running shorts which are heaps light and airy and small seams so hopefully they wont rub on me

Friday, 23 September 2011

Day 58 - Stress eating midnight binge

I've been stress eating. My entire body and mind is tight with stress. And I feel overly depressed. I have so much stuff to do for uni and no time to do it. I just want to stick my head in the sand. And eat away all my worries. Which I tried to do at midnight tonight when I was going to bed on the phone to my boyfriend and I had left some of those caramel rice thins in my room. I had 1...then 2...then 3...then I went hunting in the kitchen, had a tiny nibble of chicken snitzel and added some chocolate powder to a tiny glass of light milk.

Now I'm full as I had water after that too. It was by no means the sort of binge eat I would have done 2 months ago. 2 months ago I would have been pouring unhealthy cereal, getting the ice cream out, tucking in to a packet of chips etc. So in retrospect I can at least look at tonight as some sort of progress marker.

So my midnight 'binge' consisted of - 3 x caramel rice thins 35 cal each = 105cal
Chocolate milk - probably 150ish cal 

Did strength training tonight. No run.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day 56 and 57 - 144.5lbs! and 8 Weeks

Weigh in - 65.5kg or 144.5lbs!!!!

Thats like 3 kg or 7 pounds less than last weigh in!!!!

Did no exercise day 56.

Day 57 - Long long run 45-50 minutes 5.5km or so and felt great like I could run forever!

Had a milkshake and banana bread today. Had an ultra healthy tea and long run to make up for it. I had good reason to have that food though! (involving stuck on the highway on way to uni for 3 hours)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Day 55 - Strength

Side leg lifts 3 x 20. Squat lifts with 5kg weights 3x 12. Tricep kickbacks 3 x 15. Crunches 3 x 20. Chest flies 3 x 20.

That was my strength routine for today. The squat lifts are a killer. By the time I get to the 3 set I only just make it through the last rep. How do your routines compare? Are yours longer with more exercises? Because I was thinking that mine may not be enough, i go through it pretty quickly...

Weigh in tomorrow! Argh!
(TMI warning) Haven't done my business today...strangely...

I found rice-thins today in caramel flavour! Caramel! With only 10 more calories per thin. They are yum!

Also bought some weight-watchers desserts (chocolate flavoured dessert) and some strawberry jelly....yummo!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 53 and 54 - Addiction is taking hold

I haven't done strength training in a while. I am well overdue for it. But I can't stop running. At the end of every day I want to run. I know that if that happens then I should run and do strength but I usually eat tea after my runs and then get too full.
My own fault.

Day 53 - Did a 25min run with my boyfriend. First time I have ever run with him and was so happy I could keep up and last the distance. Had apple pie and icecream for dessert....

Day 54 - Sat on my arse all day doing assignments and got out for a 30min run. Was realllly meant to do strength but I needed to run! Had takeaway chinese for tea.

I haven't had the strictest end to the week, and my weigh in is on Tuesday Day 56. I need to step it up and not get too relaxed now that I'm doing longer runs with my calorie intake. But I have definately felt hungrier.

Has anyone else increased their food intake as their running times and distances increase?

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 52 - Ran 45 min

Or thereabouts.

Did. not. want. to.

But I just kept going telling myself that I was allowed to walk whenever but to just go a little further to push myself. And I did my 5.3ish km!
And felt wonderful afterwards!! :-)

Am well overdue for strength training now though. I just love running too much!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Day 51 - Run short

Only my loop route but a few weeks ago I couldn't even do that so its better than nothing. Just sooo tired

Oh and I shared hot chips and a milkshake with my boyfriend today

Day 50 - Week 7 yesterday run

Bad run but kept going and glad I got out there

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Day 49 - Day off


So buggered.

No exercise.


Monday, 12 September 2011

Day 48 - Running in my sleep

Argh. I haven't been getting enough sleep. Not good for weight loss. So much stress on my mind of late I keep tossing and turning for ages. So I'm in bed early tonight and hopefully get proper rest.

Ran for ages today. My 5.3km route, plus a little extra. NO BREAKS! Felt bloody amazing!!

Does anyone else who road runs (or footpath/sidewalk whatever u call it) do interval training?
I'm not sure how that will go not on an oval or on a treadmill. I want to give it a try since it's meant to be great for fitness and fat burning...

Day 47 - Bushwalk

Went to the Blue Mountains west of Sydney for a bushwalk called Porters Pass.
The track made its way from the mountain top down to the valley and around the cliffs, past waterfalls and back up to the top again. It was a killer on the legs. Soo many steps. Great workout though. I had tea in the town before I left - a small pizza. De-licious! So fresh! Prawn and bacon with garlic. Yum.

When I got home that night I reaaaally wanted sticky date pudding and ice cream for dessert. I even took it out of the freezer. BUT I put it straight back and had some yoghurt with muesli. And that satisfied me.

I'll upload a pic from my walk soon.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Day 46 - Exhausted.

So exhausted. Physically and mentally.

Did a hard strength training session. No run.

Ate well.

Day 45 - Longest run ever!

5.3km or 3.3 miles!

Wasn't the best feeling run ever but eventually I broke through the wall and everything just steadied out.

On my last major long winding hill I made it 3/4 up then stopped for about 45seconds-1min. More for a mental break than anything. My breathing was heavy but I knew it would steady out once I got to the top but I took the break then kept running.

Went out for dinner and had a Caesar salad with no chicken. The first salad I have ever ordered as a takeaway or restaurant meal and not given as a side.

I don't know if they are the healthiest for you but I didn't eat too bad during the day and it is still much better than a hamburger or chicken snitzel and chips.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Ultramarathon runners caught in fire

Some ultra-marathoners doing a run in the Kimberly in Aus got caught in a bushfire and some severely burnt. Such a scary story because it all happened so quickly and they had nowhere to go. And these are runners too but they couldn't outrun the fire.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Day 44 - Scheduling exercise

I'm writing this at the beginning of Day 44 as a plan of the exercise and food I am going to eat today, to keep myself in line. But in particular, to make myself do the exercise.

I have written today's meals in my Food Diary

and my exercise plan is - Strength training (I don't set a time limit for this I just do 3 sets of 12-20 reps of various exercises)
& A LOOOOONG run! A 5k run. In fact I think the route I'm aiming for is actually almost 6km.

I'll update this at the end of the day with how I went.


I did the strength training successfully. But my run was terrible!!!!
I was exhausted. Probably from sitting on my arse all day, whereas usually I'm walking round uni and my muscles and lungs have stretched and warmed over the day, whereas sitting on the lounge watching TV for several hours doesn't have that same effect.
So the devil was sitting on my shoulder throughout the whole run letting me know how hard I was finding the run and telling me to just stop.. But the quiet (very quiet) other voice said just keep going to that next street, just to that next turn. And I made it through my whole longer route so about 25/30minutes. Didn't end up doing the 5km but I was still happy.  Man I was buggered when I stopped for a cool down. But I'm so proud that I kept going. I really didn't want to fall back to my early days of having walking breaks, I want to stay past that stage now.

Day 43 - No run

No run on Day 43. No exercise at all. There is no good excuse for it but I'll try out a couple - was tossing up between strength training and running for a while, then I started helping out with dinner, then I had dinner, then I didn't want to run with a heavy meal in me, then a good TV show came on...oops!

I'm desperately craving a run though now. I'm an addict!!
And it is meant to rain over the next couple of days so I'll have to make it a long one.

Do you guys run in the rain?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 42 - Photos. Can you say disappointment? & Week 6

Took some update photos. No change. I was flicking back and forth between the before and afters and I couldn't see any difference except there was a bit more muscle in my biceps. That's all.
In the photos without the flash where I looked more tanned I looked skinnier but only because my skin looked darker.

I really thought I would see something. So so disappointed. Sigh.

Went for a short run tonight. That's all....

Monday, 5 September 2011

Day 41 - First 5/10k race?

The Sydney Running Festival is coming up and there a 2 races which I am tossing up between entering in with my dad - A 4km Family Run or a 9km Bridge Run, which goes over the harbour bridge and by the Opera House (they are closing the areas/roads off for the few hours of races).
I feel like the 4km one is too short BUT I don't think I will be ready for the 9km one as the festival is in a couple of weeks. I guess I can run/walk it though...and it goes over the Sydney Harbour Bridge which appeals to me more too,  I think the 4k just goes by it.

Anywho, I went for a run with my dad tonight. He runs frequently so he set quite a fast pace which I didn't think I would be able to maintain for the whole half hour, but I did! I kept up and it was really good at making me push myself.
I also did some strength training a couple of hours before the run so my limbs were a bit jellyish.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day 40 - Hangover and running

Nasty hangover on top of my having my rags today. Did NOT want to exercise or do anything.

But, after an afternoon hangover nap, I put on my running clothes telling myself I can just walk but I have to get out there first.
And I ran for a nice 25minutes, sprinting past the people eating fathers day meals at the local pub.
Felt much better after that!

Day 39 - early weight in, alcohol and junk food

Alcohol and junk food at a party. Hangover today so its punishment for slacking.

Had no time to exercise as the party was last minute.

Snuck in an early weigh-in an 67kg!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Day 38 - Looser clothing

Had my first real experience with looser clothing today! A pair of previously rather tight boy-leg underwear, which were tight around my thighs and hips were noticeably better fitting. In fact they may have become a bit too loose! (Or it could be my wild overexcited imagination there).

Did some strength training today, no running. And once again I am constantly stroking my biceps in public HAHA!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Day 37 - McDonalds. Read if you dare.

So, today, I ah...might have ventured up to McDonalds with my boyfriend.
And I ah...may...or may not!..have purchased a $1 Cheeseburger.

I did purchase and subsequently consume a $1 Cheeseburger.
And you know what? I didn't feel too bad about it. I don't feel bad about it.
It was bloody cheap! Well...for Australia at least, the land of tiny portion sizes and rip of prices for them. But hey that's probably what has stopped me becoming obese by now so I should be happy we get served less than Americans.
Mcdonalds has a $1 Cheeseburger promotion on at the moment, max of 4 per transaction, I managed to restrict myself to just one.

Anyway I kicked a soccer ball around with the boy and went for a stroll with him too, started an essay due in 1 day and had a nice afternoon nap today. Was sooo tired, did not want to exercise, especially after my lovely nap. But I did it! And ran and ran and ran and felt GREAT! Total run was about 30minutes of non-stop running.

Now after my run I thought hey I would love some dessert tonight but I waited till dinner settled in my stomach and thankfully no longer felt like it. Oh wait, I just remembered I did have some yoghurt actually. But the original plan was a banana and ice-cream, much worse!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Day 36 - Can't believe how fit I am

I really can't!

Going for a run last night I felt myself going faster and so much easier. I was trying to run slower to not potentially burn out but I just felt like I could push the pace a bit and I did. I found myself reaching the tops of once heart-pounding-lung-aching hills and not even noticing I had come up them.
I extended my route even further and tacked on a bit of my shorter route.
The next step is to combine the long and short routes and have run 5k!

Had lasagne and vegetables for dinner. The serving size for the lasagne was quite big so I added extra veges and cut down my portion.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Day 35 - 5 Weeks!

5 Weeks today and another lazy Tuesday where I come home exhausted. I was due to do strength training but only ended up doing 2 sets of 12 bicep curls. That's it!

That was all the 'exercise' I did today, 24 bicep curls. Wow. Pathetic. A little bit of walking to and from uni too. I am always just stoned pretty much on Tuesdays. I wanted to go for a walk but was due to go to a friends house and I dunno...I'm obviously making excuses but today won't be added as an exercise day on my tally obviously. I ate fairly well though if that counts for anything.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Doing EVERYTHING around the house! @#$%!!


I just feel like @#$%#^% screaming! My dad is away on holidays and my 2 older brothers (23 and 25) don't do ANYTHING around the house. I have been doing bloody effing everything. Cleaning up their crap they leave around, wiping down the kitchen after they leave food and crap juices everywhere. I've organised out dinner every night and I get no effin thanks.
I put on chicken for everyone tonight and some vegetable for myself (they dont eat veges). Then 23yo comes in and asks if he can have the other brothers dinner because he is too lazy to put on any potato or junky-side-dish for himself. LAZY!!!!!!!!

You would not know they are 23 and 25. They act like little babies because 'daddy' is away. Honestly, one of them had fried eggs 2 days ago and the frying pan and spatula is still sitting there with egg on it, unwashed.


Monday, 29 August 2011

Day 34 - Lightbulb moment


What was your 'light bulb' moment that spurred you to make a change in your
life? Mine was a photo. I'll upload the photo one day..

I had a moment of a different kind today, another break through moment where I ran past the shops in my area, and more importantly past all the people shopping and dining. I would never ever have done that 4 weeks ago.

I was meant to do strength today but I felt like going for a run instead so I ran my whole long route and tacked on a little extra at the end by going through the shops. I want those shorts to be looser by next weigh in!


Tried on some shorts that I bought about 8 weeks ago this morning. They were just tight when I bought them and I was expecting them to be loose or a perfect fit this morning. I was silly, because they were still tight. It's only been over 4 weeks I guess I'm expecting  too much too soon. It just annoyed me!!!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Day 33 - Running

Ran my long route successfully again! And pushed it at the end to finally make it up this steep hill that leads to my shorter route, after which I walked to stretch out and cool down.

Also had quite a bit of walking on a uni field trip today too.

Today I ate - Muesli with weetbix
6 rice thins - 150cal
2 mandarins
Muesli with yoghurt
2 pieces fish with veges 224cal

Day 32 - Confidence

Well today was the first day I noticed I could walk with a bit more confidence since I began this 32 days ago....more on that later..

I went for a longish walk today with my mum for about 50mins. Had a whole load of pistacchios while watching a movie with her (they're so addictive!) and I did strength training when I got home.

Okay so the confidence? I went out to the city with my boyfriend and wore heels for the first time in probably more than a year. And they were HUGE HUGE wedges, 14cm high in fact. So whilst he parked the car I went to buy our train tickets and two ladies started talking about me as they were about to pass me, staring STARING at my legs and heels. So I stared back and said "What?!". They didn't respond obviously. Anyway, I like to think they were just envious, since they were quite overweight and older than me. I felt I had a bit more confidence the whole night knowing my legs looked okay and I wasn't a shorty for once.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Day 31 - Breaking through the wall

Went for a run tonight on my long route - 3km (about 20min). Started off and thought that I probably wouldn't be able to run the whole way. My brain just wouldn't shut up! It kept talking about how far I had to go and when I should stop.

But I told it to SHUT UP! And I ran the whole way, non-stop :-D And I feel GREAT!

I have come so far it just amazes me. I added my short route on to the end of my run but I just walked that to stretch out and cool down and get a bit more exercise in.

I also bought some Natures Way Protein in vanilla today. I had it 1 hour before my run with water. It was pretty nice, would be much much better with milk but I only wanted a snack. Anyone else drink protein drinks?

Day 30 - Weigh in

Weighed in this morning. Expected that I would be the same since I have gained considerable muscle mass and still had all last nights food sittin in me.

I lost 7lbs! Or 3.5kg!

Can't believe it. I couldn't believe it when the dial (i have analogue scales) dropped below 70kg!!

So happy :-)
I did strength training today and went to a chinese restaurant for dinner (bad) and had two little chocolates when I got home (bad).

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Day 29 - My Week 8 goal completed in Week 4!

I ran the whole of my long route! No breaks!  :-D Which was my week 8 goal, and its only week 4 now!

Felt so good, had moments of considering giving up but I kept going and did it! I can't believe that just 4 weeks ago I could only run a 100m or more before puffing my lungs out. I have come so far since then!
The goal now is to keep that up but not expect that the next time I run it I'll be able to do it non-stop, if I need a break I'll take one, and just let each run become easier and easier.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Day 28 - 4 Weeks!

4 Weeks today. Which means I'll weigh myself in the morning tomorrow argh!

Did a very good strength training session today on top of my walk to and from uni. Muscles aching, feeling good!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Day 27 - Ran and feeling good!

Well...besides all my uni work due this week which I am struggling with I'm feelin good :-)

Went for a run/walk tonight and it went great!!! I ran for so long, almost all of my long route which is 2.8km. I only had one break in the middle because I thought I shouldn't try and push it too much too soon. And then I did my short route straight after, just walked around that one. So about 45-50Min of exercise.
Was loving my music and feeling so happy to burn off all that pizza and crap.

One strange thing digestive system has slowed down of late. I was averaging 1-2 a day and now I don't think it has happened for 1.5 days. Why the hell would that happen?

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Day 26 - NEW NEW joggers

Started my day with a walk in my new brooks joggers. Terrible. Hurting knees, hurting ankles. Feet clomping the pavement loudly. Very very angry at my bad luck.
Scrubbed up the shoes and washed the dirt and crap off them and tried my luck back at the shoe store to take them back. They did! They didn't even inspect them.
Instantly went over to the Nike Pegasus 28's (pegasus were my old shoe before crappy brooks), tried em on, perfect!

Went for another walk/run tonight to try out my new new shoes and they felt soooo much better! When I ran there was some lingering leg pain but I think that is just some mild damage from wearing the Brooks around for a week, so hopefully everything will return to normal soon

I ate great today too. Lunch was beautiful - Egg with tomato, onion and garlic on 1 piece wholemeal bread.

Day 25 - More rain, laziness and potato bake

Bad things eaten today - too much lamb, too much potato bake and some jelly-evaporated milk dessert thing.

No exercise. Had another uni field trip till late and then went straight to a friends house as I haven't seen them for ages. I think part of me was also worried about my knees as well. But I will definately give running a go tomorrow as I have soooooooooooo much food to burn off. It really shuts you down when you havent exercised or eaten as healthy as possible. Voices in my head say 'just give up, eat more, who cares you are back to square one now anyway so why not?'
It is not easy.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Day 24 - Rain and laziness

Okay so not complete laziness. I did 10minutes on the exercise bike and some leg lifts on the floor and crunches. Better than nothin but definately not burning off last nights pizza. It was raining all day.

Coming home from the shops my knees were so so sore walking downhill and i tried jogging on the grass and they hurt too much. Its too late to take my new runners back so im just gonna see if breaking them in is the reason by keeping at it.


Day 23 - Pizza

Had 4 pieces of pizza for dinner. Australian size, not US sized. One piece was very small so maybe I'll say I had 3.5 pieces?

Pretty proud of my mum tried forcing more upon me which really really annoyed me because I'd already told her I was trying to eat healthy. Her husband offered me soft-drink with dinner and I said yes if it is Pepsi max (no calories) and he said yep its pepsi max and he came back with a poured glass and I saw that the bottle said it was normal pepsi. But I couldn't just tip it down the sink secretly (although I did think about it), so I had to drink it.

I did a 30min run/walk before dinner and a quick weights session. Legs still feel funny when I run...

Thursday, 18 August 2011

PIZZA tonight??!!

My mum is ordering pizza for a late bday dinner tonight.

What do I do? Have 2 pieces and veges??

I sent her a text asking her if she has frozen veggies at home because I am trying to eat healthier. I'm worried she and my brother will start being unsupportive. I don't think I'm being unreasonable tough, do you? I mean I am still going to have the pizza I'm just not going to have the 5-7 pieces I would normally have.

I need some support right now :-(

Day 22 - No exercise. I am terrible.

On the brighter side I did a lot of walking around uni, on top of my 10min walk to and from my car to uni.

I had an assignment that needed starting tonight (due tomorrow, oops!).

I'm not sure if I am eating  enough food. I saw on that I should be getting around 1800calories a day?! But that seems like heaps. I may actually be getting that much perhaps because my dinners are usually the most calorie full meal.

I'll try and do extra exercise tomorrow to make up for today :-)
I think my knees might have needed the break anyway, they've been feeling funny...

Geez you'd think I was 80 not 20!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 21 - 3 Weeks!

Hit the 3 Week mark today!
Maybe I shouldn't be counting the days though? It's more of a measuring progress thing...

Wore shorts today, was so sick of wearing still August but I've had enough! I'm just layering up top and hitting uni in shorts from now on. 

Bad  run again. My feet felt like the were clobbering along the path as soon as I started jogging. Even when I was walking actually. Could it be all down to my new running shoes?
My ankles and knees felt like they were just all over the place...
It was so annoying because I felt great in the lungs like I could have run forever! Just a bad day?

Let me know what you think of my food intake on my Food page!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Day 20 - Running breakthrough!

Made a breakthrough in my run today! Ran the whole first half of my long route with no walk breaks!!!

BUT when I stopped running all the muscles in my legs and feet tightened and filled with lactic acid. I could barely walk. I pretty much limped the whole way back home. So in the end it probably wasn't that effective of a workout. My joggers felt great but I don't know why my legs turned so stiff? I think it may have been because my shoelaces were too tight...I'm not sure.

I also did some strength training this morning. I'm so glad to be exercising again since my 3 days off!

First before photos are up!

My first before picture is up, check them out!

Day 19 - Sick. No exercise. New joggers. Before photos

Sick. Feel crappy as. Didn't exercise for 3rd day in a row...

Do you guys exercise with a cold?

Got new joggers this morning, studied to get the right ones for my foot. I underpronate. So ended up with neautral cushioning joggers. Got Brooks Glycerin 8.
They were editors choice on runners world and I CANNOT wait to use them, but am worried about making my cold worse?!?

Took my first before photos too...disgusting.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Day 17 and 18 - Cake, milkshakes, my birthday, sore throat :-(

So day 17, I did no exercise. Had a doctors appointment, an assignment due and dinner with friends and just didn't get time...
I had a milkshake, soooo yum! And a lean beef burger and chips for dinner but it was gross so I only ate half.

Day 18 I had to get up at 6am (on my birthday!) for a uni field-trip to some farms. Got back at about 6pm and then went out for Chinese for my birthday, and then had to do an online test before midnight.

So no exercise..

And some cake and wine, which were both amazing!!!!!

Today is day 19 (ill make the blog post later) but I had a really sore throat and feel run down! Probably from lack of sleep.

What is everyones view on exercising when sick with a cold?

Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 16 - Protein drinks?

Does anyone drink protein drinks after exercise, either cardio or strength training? Or just drink it casually as a meal replacement or snack during the day?

I tried one last night, yum! and very very filling!
Because I did a weights session and cardio. Not sure if i really do need it though but it is meant to help recovery and repair of muscles.

In my strength training I did - lunges, squats with weights, biceps, tricep dip, tricep dumbell thingos, and some ab exercises like crunches (with my cat on my stomach mind you).
Then just went for a 20-25min walk, no running this time.

Had garlic bread with dinner :-( 4 pieces.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

A note to myself...and others - Running distances

My long route is 3km or 1.8miles

My short route is 2.6km or 1.6miles

Combined they are 5.6km or 3.47miles

Day 15 - Long exercise session day

One of my books I borrowed called 'Running and Fat Burning for Women', written by 2 marathon runners, reckons that you should include one long exercise session a week. They say 90 minutes but as a beginner too build up to that. So I am making Wednesday nights my long session night. Last night (was too tired to blog before sleep), I did a 45-50 Min Run/walk session by combining my long and short loops together. It felt really good!

I resisted a bunch of desserts my dad bought last night too! :-)

I'll give you an example of what I eat since I haven't logged that yet. Yesterday:

Breakfast - 3 Weetbix and Muesli with Light milk (2 Weetbix = 118cal)
Lunch - 2 corn thins with shaved ham and 2 corn thins with vegemite (2 corn thins = 46cal)
Afternoon tea - 1 Up and Go Vive drink - 178cal
Dinner - 3 pieces of frozen fish (114cal each) with lots of vegetables and sweet chilli sauce

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 14 - Two weeks!

Hello 2 week mark!

The cheating (or less good things) of the past two weeks:
Nachos 2 nights in a row

Thai takeaway 2 nights in a row
2 bad desserts of icecream, icecream and apple pie
1 rest day of absolutely nothing
1 night of lots of alcohol
1 night of BBQ gorge buffet at friends house

The greats of the past two weeks:
Starting exercising again
Exercising 13/14 days
Starting a blog for motivation and to be held accountable for any cheating
Weight training; arms feeling better already
Feeling a tad more confident at uni
Cutting out white bread
Getting to bed earlier (even if I'm not sleeping well though)

Today was my long break-less day at uni. And, like last Tuesday, I was tired off my head when I got home around 7pm. And starved! I had nachos was leftovers night. I also treated myself to a dessert for the week, of ice cream. I wasn't going to do any exercise but I saw my new weight training book lying there so I did about 5 or 6 different exercises from that, only 1 set of each though. But a burn is a burn! Right?

Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 13 - Tight muscles, unsupportive brother, nachos

Muscles, mainly hamstring, is so tight still. But after my walk tonight (only a bit of jogging due to tightness and a desperate need for new running shoes), I stretched the hell out of my legs using one of my new health books with diagrams.

A couple of days ago my oldest brother (25yo) made some remark about how many vegetables I was having with dinner and I openly stated that I've put on weight since dating my bf and am trying to be healthier. Then tonight he makes another snide remark when we were having nachos for dinner ''isn't that a bit unheathy for you (in a stirring tone)" and I said "yes it is but I've got some vegetables in the microwave to have also" and he said "yeah I'm sure that will take away all the saturated fat". Gosh. I just said "yep thats the idea". I just don't get his attitude. Is he threatened by me being healthy or something? He himself does no deliberate exercise, only the exercise he gets a work stacking fruit at the grocery store. I think the roots of his nastiness lie in his own insecurities and I'm trying not to let it get to me it just makes me wonder how strange people are...

Also, the day goes too quickly! I just want to read my new health books but I have to sleep before uni, sigh.

P.S. My arms are so muscley and firmer already, they look nicer! :-)

Read health books for motivation

Since this is not the first time I've changed my diet and exercise in order to lose weight, I have noticed a common theme in each phase. I get obsessed with reading about diet and exercise - online and in books, other peoples blogs ;) and tv shows or news stories.

So, since this WILL be the final permanent change I've been obsessed with reading about the topic. I went to the library today and spent over an hour in the health section flicking through every book. I'm not on any diet, I'm just using common sense changes which I believe is the only diet change which will last in the long term. I just find reading about it to provide me motivation.

Needless to say I borrowed a stack of health books which I'm heaps excited to start reading. Stuff like different stretches, strength exercises and general healthy eating articles.

The book that got me started is What's Good For You - Weight Loss, which is based on the What's good for you tv show run in Australia. It is really really interesting and I highly recommend reading it! It's set out heaps well, nice coated pages, pictures, big headings and a wide array of interesting topics. Hey I should get paid for this!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 12 - Its raining, I can't exercise?

It rained. It hailed.

I hopped on the exercise bike.

But not after thinking "well I guess this will have to be my day off then".

And the exercise bike was not easy. I almost stopped at 10min because I was so tired, hot and bored. I pushed through though, almost stopping at the 15min mark for the same reasons, but I just managed to pump out another 5min to make a total 20min on the exercise bike. The last 5-10min were HIIT (8 second sprint, 12 second recovery).

That's my exercise bike --> Its pretty el-cheapo, only 70bucks but hey it gets the legs moving and the heart rate up.

The rain stopped. The sun came out. It dropped about 10 degrees Celsius when the rain came through so it was freezing now. (All the better to exercise in right?)

So I went for my short walk route - about 15-20minutes. I've been trying to time precisely but I always forget to look at the clock when I get back. Guess I'm just so happy to have finished exercising.

My muscles have been so so tight the past couple of days so I've been trying to stretch them out heaps, its not working too great but has helped a bit. I'll keep it up.

Dinner - lovely steak, LOVELY barbecued potatoes which took me a lot of will power to minimise how many of them I had, so I filled up the rest of my plate with mixed veggies.

As I type an apple pie is baking in the oven with my name on it. Will I be able to resist? Lets hope so...

Day 11 - First test of making healthy choices eating out


Went to a friend's bbq telling myself to limit my portion sizes (her mum is an amazing cook and cooks a literal buffet of food). Still had a ridiculous amount of food, plus dessert!

I drank diet soft drink though?

Well, to try and defend myself I did do a fair bit of exercise today and am very sore at the moment. I initially only planned on doing a weight session but ended up doing a jog.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day 10 - Cross train and HIIT, PUSH YOURSELF!

Sprint as fast as you possibly can!
We don't do it enough!
Push your body to the max, if only for 100m .
When was the last time you ran as fast as your legs could possibly push and stride with your lungs absolutely aching but you keep sprinting to that set point? I know personally that before last night I hadn't sprinted at my absolute fastest potential in...years?

High intensity interval training.

Periods of high intensity intervals (eg. flat out sprints) combined with low intensity intervals.

And the cross training? Kicking a soccer ball around the soccer oval. Just dribbling it up and back with a friend, kicking to each other, trying to score against each other and booting it up into the night sky.

I also did 3 flat out 100m or so sprints racing against my very fit boyfriend. And I did pretty damn well!

Had fish again for tea with veggies and a small amount of pasta. Also love that I have cut white bread out of my diet, having rice cakes with my chicken/lettuce/tomato tastes so good, fills me up and leaves me feeling great! And lots of delicious green tea!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day 9 - Yum! Veggies! and Miranda Kerr

I don't know why I have never been a big vegetable eater. But, I've had large mixed servings (with the 'gross' stuff like beans and broccoli I wouldn't normally ever touch) 2 nights in a row now and they have tasted fine, nothing poisonous about them.
Perhaps though it is because I have been so damn hungry after my runs that I really will eat anything?
Either way I'm getting my veggie intake properly now.

So yes I went for a walk/run tonight - was feeling very tired and unmotivated when I started off though. So, I told myself I deserved to just power walk this one and listen to my music relaxingly.
Well that didn't last because before I knew it I found myself pounding the pavements - and for much much longer  distances than the previous times too.

Did you see Miranda Kerrs return the catwalk on the news tonight? She looked bloody amazing in the cossie. It's definately not the body I am aspiring to achieve but she did look really good since having a baby!

No tae bo. I thought this whole weight loss part of the journey was going to be centred around tae bo. But the only place I can do it is in the lounge room, when noone is home - which is rare because my brother does shiftwork, so the lounge room is usually occupied. I did try it in my bedroom but there just wasn't enough room (or air!).
Plus I do like listening to my own music and getting out the house rather than steaming up the lounge room with Billy Blanks yelling at me. That said, I do love tae bo; it just doesn't fit well with my schedule at the moment in that its hard to find the TV free and its much much easier to just step outside and run!

I'm still dwelling on how much I weigh. Can't believe I weigh 72. Disgusting.

Oh! Good news though, my boyfriend has been inspired by my sudden desire for a healthier me and has started his own training as well. He's always been a healthy eater and gone jogging regularly but thinks he has slacked on the strength training part lately so he is focusing on improving that area now. Its great!

Poo more!

When you're eating healthy foods and exercising regularly you will become much more regular. I read that people really underestimate how often they are meant to go; and some think it is perfectly normal to only go once every couple of days! But really we should be going every day - even a couple of times!

I've always known this since I never used to go everyday and certainly not a couple of times a day but the unhealthier me didn't listen to my body.

Day 7 and 8 - Get a good nights sleep

After some shocking sleeps Tuesday left me absolutely buggered beyond repair (and I think my muscles and body needed repairing) - so no exercise on day 7...but I ate well...except for two pieces of garlic bread...there was so much of it leftover it needed using up! Give me a break.

Went to bed at 830/9 on Tuesday night for a nice read and a well needed sleep and I felt excellent today because of it!

Did I weigh myself finally?

I might tell you the results at the end of this blog..

So how was my day 8 you ask? Great!
I had wholemeal bread, 2 pieces of fruit, spaghetti for dinner but I cut the portion in half and stacked veggies in to fill me up. And, as someone who doesn't really eat much outside of potato corn and carrot, the beans actually went down quite well.

No tae bo but a walk/run before dinner. A longer one this time, and I made sure that I included some of the hills in the running portion and also tried not to let other people out exercising put me off my game (sometimes I get a  bit embarrassed about my puffing and running style etc).

Oh! And some weights too! After the run, not many but enough to add that extra burn to my burning body.

Alright alright...I'll tell you how much I weighed...only if you promise not to..well...I'm not sure but here goes..


That's right.


5 more...FIVE MORE than the last time I weighed myself.

I have never been in the 70s...I've skimmed it at times but a couple of years ago I weighed 63kg! About 18months ago I weighed 67kg and now, now I weigh a massive 72. Which is HUGE for my height which is around 165cm give or take.

It was a predicted shock I must say.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Day 6 - tired, sore...exercise?

Tired. Sore.

That's how I felt at 6pm tonight when I mustered up the motivation to go for another run.
But I did it! And I really pushed myself too - telling myself to just run to that lamp post and then the next one and then just that bit further. Felt bloody good.

No weights or anything else because I had to walk to and from uni which added the extra bit of exercise in the morning.

I had two pieces of garlic bread with dinner, but considering I've been cutting white bread out of my lunches lately I don't think the garlo mattered too much. No dessert either just a large green tea - mmmm I looove my green tea!

I had the most pathetic sleep last night also, when I thought the exercise would make me sleep well, especially  since I was so tired when I went to bed. Fingers crossed for tonight because I am sick to death of being exhausted at uni and falling asleep during lectures!

Over and out.

Okay okay I was trying to avoid the weighing question....tomorrow....I'll weigh myself tomorrow....

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day 5 - Run run run run runawaaayy

I ran!
Like the wind....then stopped and walked...then ran like the wind again!

Initially I was planning on doing a Tae Bo session however about 2 minutes into the Tae Bo video I just really wasn't feeling it - wasn't pumped up or trying hard or anything.
So, I downloaded some new music to listen to on my run and away I went into the night.
I came home exhausted, puffing and soaked in sweat against the freezing winter air...but most of all...I felt amazing!

After dinner I did a small weights session with my 5 kg weights; did squats with them, bicep curls, tricep curls, lifts etc. I discovered that the squat and lift (squat down with the weights at shoulder height and as you stand up again you lift the weights above your head) is unbelievably hard and tiring - feels good though, a good burn in several muscle groups.

Oh I forgot, I also did well during my bbq dinner tonight, I replaced some white potatoes for a stack of sweet corn, which I believe is heathier.

Tomorrows plan? Another run hopefully!

Aaaand I'm planningg on weighing myself too :s

Day 4 - day of pies, cake and alcohol

No exercise today.

Pie for lunch at function. Cake after lunch.

And lots of alcohol after dinner...oh yeeaah dinner was thai takeaway...again.


Not setting the best example am I?

Well thats why you are following my journey!

And no, no I haven't weighed myself yet...

Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 3 - aaaaaate sooooo muuuuucccchhh :-(

Ugh I ate so much today.

BUT I started the day so well!!

Before heading out for the day I warmed up in the lounge room on the exercise bike then did an Tae Bo 8 minute workout just to kick-start my metabolism and start the day on a good foot. And I felt amazing afterwards.

But then I saw some lollies I had been looking for for ages at the a bought a packet....

That was when the day started spiralling downhill...

I cooked and ham and egg omelette for lunch, finished off the packet of lollies, a few handfuls of salted popcorn...

Maybe not so bad you may be thinking?

Well...then dinner time came around...and Friday is takeaway night, so I ordered Thai food...which is bad, but hopefully isn't that bad...I mean..I could have ordered pizza, right??

Nevertheless I never got around to doing more exercise today, I was meant to though. But at least I did the 8 min workout in the morning!!

I'll do better tomorrow.

Oh and no I haven't weighed myself yet...I will...some time...sigh.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day 1 and 2 - Starting exercise again

I haven't been completely lazy for the past 18 months. I still walk to and from uni and do bush-walks, go swimming etc..

But, since starting a new relationship and being sooo comfortable in it...I began  to slack on keeping track of what I ate and stopped doing deliberate exercise like going for walks; which I used to do once a night for about 30 minutes. At one point I was even doing 3 (THREE!) half an hour walks a day.

I felt so much happier about my body back then.
I'm happy in general with my life at the moment, but partly that's because I feel like I don't have to impress anyone any poor poor boyfriend is getting a happy but slowly fatter and fatter girlfriend. That's the harsh truth.

I always felt like I never really put on weight. I've never been skinny, but, I've always seemed to stay around a moderate weight, nothing too serious or depressing but nothing spectacular either.
But, since being in this relationship, my first ever one, as well as starting university 18 months ago, I've been tired and stressed but content with everything. Too relaxed. When winter came I started having porridge everyday without a care in the world. You may think porridge is just oats and milk and surely isn't that bad for a person. And that is true....when you don't heap tablespoons and tablespoons of brown sugar over it. Which I did. I would have a bowl of porridge as an afternoon snack after uni! Disgusting, I know.

Anyway, back to what every person trying to lose a bit of weight wants to know - what exercise am I doing?

Well, since I've been through these fitness phases time and time again, each phase ended because of one crucial factor- sheer and utter BOREDOM!

So I really want to vary my workouts this time.

High intensity intervals on the exercise bike; 8 second sprint, 12 second rest for 20 minutes.

As the bike clock told me I was nearing the 10 minute mark I was beginning to suffer from a bad case of boredom which made me focus on my tiredness. So I stopped at 10 minutes. Watched some more of my tv show and did another lot of 10minutes a bit later.
So day one 20 minutes of exercise... definitely not enough but definitely better than nothing! And I felt great afterwards, just great. My bad mood which I was previously in left and I felt more energised for the rest of the day. My lack of exercise might explain why I keep falling asleep in all my lectures, you have to use energy to create energy.

5-10 minutes of 12kg dumbells weights. (Did moves like squats, bicep curls, triceps, side lifts)
2 minute warmup on the exercise bike
20 minutes (approx) of Tae-Bo exercise video called Tae Bo Basic
8 minute Tae Bo workout (which uses similar moves to the basic video but faster and less reps - its pretty intense)

So, overall I did about 35 minutes today. I really want to build up some arm muscle, I used to have heaps from surfing regularly and lifting shopping bags at my old job, but now I don't do either.

Another thing I aim to regain is some definition in my legs. You know that line that appears around your inner thigh area when you lift your legs - like when your walking or even just lifting your leg up and forward in front of the mirror. I used to see that so clearly. And now its pretty much disappeared altogether.

They say you should stick with something for 6 weeks before you will get into a routine. So if I can keep this blog going for 6 weeks recording my journey, that will be a major achievement!

And my 2 weeks goal? Feel less tired at university.

I will also weigh myself this week (argh I'm scared! I've never been over 70kg...but I have a feeling I will be well over that now...I'm so scared to look at the scales...It will really put how hard this journey is going to be in perspective).

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The realisation: A photo says a 1000 words and a photo doesn't lie

Welcome along my journey to change!

The spark? The beginning? What set me off on this journey?

A photo.

A photo from my recent holiday. Wearing tight short shorts and a black jacket.

The shorts looked like they were straining at the seams, desperately trying to contain the thunder thighs beneath them. The jacket, black (but black is slimming right? right?!), yes, to a degree, but it can still show the outline of your body underneath it. And my body? Huge hips, following in the footsteps of the shorts, with seams that seemed desperately eager to separate from each other.

The sad part?

When I looked in the mirror before I went out that day, I actually thought I looked good. I couldn't see the seams struggling to contain my excess weight. But the camera did.

And so begins my path to change...

And what about the friends and confidence part?

Stay tuned!