Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 3 - aaaaaate sooooo muuuuucccchhh :-(

Ugh I ate so much today.

BUT I started the day so well!!

Before heading out for the day I warmed up in the lounge room on the exercise bike then did an Tae Bo 8 minute workout just to kick-start my metabolism and start the day on a good foot. And I felt amazing afterwards.

But then I saw some lollies I had been looking for for ages at the a bought a packet....

That was when the day started spiralling downhill...

I cooked and ham and egg omelette for lunch, finished off the packet of lollies, a few handfuls of salted popcorn...

Maybe not so bad you may be thinking?

Well...then dinner time came around...and Friday is takeaway night, so I ordered Thai food...which is bad, but hopefully isn't that bad...I mean..I could have ordered pizza, right??

Nevertheless I never got around to doing more exercise today, I was meant to though. But at least I did the 8 min workout in the morning!!

I'll do better tomorrow.

Oh and no I haven't weighed myself yet...I will...some time...sigh.

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  1. Oh and ahh on the night of Day 2, after writing my blog for the day...I had desert - apple danish and ice cream :-( oops! This is a hard journey!