Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day 5 - Run run run run runawaaayy

I ran!
Like the wind....then stopped and walked...then ran like the wind again!

Initially I was planning on doing a Tae Bo session however about 2 minutes into the Tae Bo video I just really wasn't feeling it - wasn't pumped up or trying hard or anything.
So, I downloaded some new music to listen to on my run and away I went into the night.
I came home exhausted, puffing and soaked in sweat against the freezing winter air...but most of all...I felt amazing!

After dinner I did a small weights session with my 5 kg weights; did squats with them, bicep curls, tricep curls, lifts etc. I discovered that the squat and lift (squat down with the weights at shoulder height and as you stand up again you lift the weights above your head) is unbelievably hard and tiring - feels good though, a good burn in several muscle groups.

Oh I forgot, I also did well during my bbq dinner tonight, I replaced some white potatoes for a stack of sweet corn, which I believe is heathier.

Tomorrows plan? Another run hopefully!

Aaaand I'm planningg on weighing myself too :s

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