Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The realisation: A photo says a 1000 words and a photo doesn't lie

Welcome along my journey to change!

The spark? The beginning? What set me off on this journey?

A photo.

A photo from my recent holiday. Wearing tight short shorts and a black jacket.

The shorts looked like they were straining at the seams, desperately trying to contain the thunder thighs beneath them. The jacket, black (but black is slimming right? right?!), yes, to a degree, but it can still show the outline of your body underneath it. And my body? Huge hips, following in the footsteps of the shorts, with seams that seemed desperately eager to separate from each other.

The sad part?

When I looked in the mirror before I went out that day, I actually thought I looked good. I couldn't see the seams struggling to contain my excess weight. But the camera did.

And so begins my path to change...

And what about the friends and confidence part?

Stay tuned!

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