Monday, 1 August 2011

Day 6 - tired, sore...exercise?

Tired. Sore.

That's how I felt at 6pm tonight when I mustered up the motivation to go for another run.
But I did it! And I really pushed myself too - telling myself to just run to that lamp post and then the next one and then just that bit further. Felt bloody good.

No weights or anything else because I had to walk to and from uni which added the extra bit of exercise in the morning.

I had two pieces of garlic bread with dinner, but considering I've been cutting white bread out of my lunches lately I don't think the garlo mattered too much. No dessert either just a large green tea - mmmm I looove my green tea!

I had the most pathetic sleep last night also, when I thought the exercise would make me sleep well, especially  since I was so tired when I went to bed. Fingers crossed for tonight because I am sick to death of being exhausted at uni and falling asleep during lectures!

Over and out.

Okay okay I was trying to avoid the weighing question....tomorrow....I'll weigh myself tomorrow....

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