Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 53 and 54 - Addiction is taking hold

I haven't done strength training in a while. I am well overdue for it. But I can't stop running. At the end of every day I want to run. I know that if that happens then I should run and do strength but I usually eat tea after my runs and then get too full.
My own fault.

Day 53 - Did a 25min run with my boyfriend. First time I have ever run with him and was so happy I could keep up and last the distance. Had apple pie and icecream for dessert....

Day 54 - Sat on my arse all day doing assignments and got out for a 30min run. Was realllly meant to do strength but I needed to run! Had takeaway chinese for tea.

I haven't had the strictest end to the week, and my weigh in is on Tuesday Day 56. I need to step it up and not get too relaxed now that I'm doing longer runs with my calorie intake. But I have definately felt hungrier.

Has anyone else increased their food intake as their running times and distances increase?

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