Friday, 23 September 2011

Day 58 - Stress eating midnight binge

I've been stress eating. My entire body and mind is tight with stress. And I feel overly depressed. I have so much stuff to do for uni and no time to do it. I just want to stick my head in the sand. And eat away all my worries. Which I tried to do at midnight tonight when I was going to bed on the phone to my boyfriend and I had left some of those caramel rice thins in my room. I had 1...then 2...then 3...then I went hunting in the kitchen, had a tiny nibble of chicken snitzel and added some chocolate powder to a tiny glass of light milk.

Now I'm full as I had water after that too. It was by no means the sort of binge eat I would have done 2 months ago. 2 months ago I would have been pouring unhealthy cereal, getting the ice cream out, tucking in to a packet of chips etc. So in retrospect I can at least look at tonight as some sort of progress marker.

So my midnight 'binge' consisted of - 3 x caramel rice thins 35 cal each = 105cal
Chocolate milk - probably 150ish cal 

Did strength training tonight. No run.

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