Monday, 19 September 2011

Day 55 - Strength

Side leg lifts 3 x 20. Squat lifts with 5kg weights 3x 12. Tricep kickbacks 3 x 15. Crunches 3 x 20. Chest flies 3 x 20.

That was my strength routine for today. The squat lifts are a killer. By the time I get to the 3 set I only just make it through the last rep. How do your routines compare? Are yours longer with more exercises? Because I was thinking that mine may not be enough, i go through it pretty quickly...

Weigh in tomorrow! Argh!
(TMI warning) Haven't done my business today...strangely...

I found rice-thins today in caramel flavour! Caramel! With only 10 more calories per thin. They are yum!

Also bought some weight-watchers desserts (chocolate flavoured dessert) and some strawberry jelly....yummo!

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