Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day 10 - Cross train and HIIT, PUSH YOURSELF!

Sprint as fast as you possibly can!
We don't do it enough!
Push your body to the max, if only for 100m .
When was the last time you ran as fast as your legs could possibly push and stride with your lungs absolutely aching but you keep sprinting to that set point? I know personally that before last night I hadn't sprinted at my absolute fastest potential in...years?

High intensity interval training.

Periods of high intensity intervals (eg. flat out sprints) combined with low intensity intervals.

And the cross training? Kicking a soccer ball around the soccer oval. Just dribbling it up and back with a friend, kicking to each other, trying to score against each other and booting it up into the night sky.

I also did 3 flat out 100m or so sprints racing against my very fit boyfriend. And I did pretty damn well!

Had fish again for tea with veggies and a small amount of pasta. Also love that I have cut white bread out of my diet, having rice cakes with my chicken/lettuce/tomato tastes so good, fills me up and leaves me feeling great! And lots of delicious green tea!

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