Monday, 29 August 2011

Day 34 - Lightbulb moment


What was your 'light bulb' moment that spurred you to make a change in your
life? Mine was a photo. I'll upload the photo one day..

I had a moment of a different kind today, another break through moment where I ran past the shops in my area, and more importantly past all the people shopping and dining. I would never ever have done that 4 weeks ago.

I was meant to do strength today but I felt like going for a run instead so I ran my whole long route and tacked on a little extra at the end by going through the shops. I want those shorts to be looser by next weigh in!


  1. Woot! You go girl!


  2. Way to go! My lightbulb moment came 2-fold...My wonderful father in law who is one of the best men I know, ended up having quintuple bypass surgery and the doctor told him that he was weeks away from having a massive heart attack. Now this man is by no means obese, perhaps a tad overweight, but always excersised and ate not horribly. The second part of my lightbulb moment was when I applied for life insurance to protect my mortgage, and I had to pay premiums 3 times what it should be because of my weight. They knew I was going to die young and because of that I have to pay more so they get the money that they were going to have to pay out of me. But all that is going to change because as soon as i hit 250, the 1 year clock starts and after 1 year my premiums go back to normal!

  3. Geez that must have been scary, for him and you seeing that happen!
    Awesome, don't let them get more money out of you! haha oh And more importantly don't die young!