Monday, 8 August 2011

Read health books for motivation

Since this is not the first time I've changed my diet and exercise in order to lose weight, I have noticed a common theme in each phase. I get obsessed with reading about diet and exercise - online and in books, other peoples blogs ;) and tv shows or news stories.

So, since this WILL be the final permanent change I've been obsessed with reading about the topic. I went to the library today and spent over an hour in the health section flicking through every book. I'm not on any diet, I'm just using common sense changes which I believe is the only diet change which will last in the long term. I just find reading about it to provide me motivation.

Needless to say I borrowed a stack of health books which I'm heaps excited to start reading. Stuff like different stretches, strength exercises and general healthy eating articles.

The book that got me started is What's Good For You - Weight Loss, which is based on the What's good for you tv show run in Australia. It is really really interesting and I highly recommend reading it! It's set out heaps well, nice coated pages, pictures, big headings and a wide array of interesting topics. Hey I should get paid for this!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the book. I might try and find on eBay :o)
    My fave health/weight loss book is You are what you eat by Gillian McKieth [based on the show]. It's easy to read and colourful. I love it!

    Sharron - Losing 100

  2. Sounds very similar to mine, I'll see if the library has it thanks..hey maybe even google books will give me a sneak preview if I'm lucky

  3. I looked for yours and only found the TV series. I'll have to put it in my regular search, coz knowing i can't have it makes me want it more lol