Sunday, 28 August 2011

Day 32 - Confidence

Well today was the first day I noticed I could walk with a bit more confidence since I began this 32 days ago....more on that later..

I went for a longish walk today with my mum for about 50mins. Had a whole load of pistacchios while watching a movie with her (they're so addictive!) and I did strength training when I got home.

Okay so the confidence? I went out to the city with my boyfriend and wore heels for the first time in probably more than a year. And they were HUGE HUGE wedges, 14cm high in fact. So whilst he parked the car I went to buy our train tickets and two ladies started talking about me as they were about to pass me, staring STARING at my legs and heels. So I stared back and said "What?!". They didn't respond obviously. Anyway, I like to think they were just envious, since they were quite overweight and older than me. I felt I had a bit more confidence the whole night knowing my legs looked okay and I wasn't a shorty for once.

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