Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day 9 - Yum! Veggies! and Miranda Kerr

I don't know why I have never been a big vegetable eater. But, I've had large mixed servings (with the 'gross' stuff like beans and broccoli I wouldn't normally ever touch) 2 nights in a row now and they have tasted fine, nothing poisonous about them.
Perhaps though it is because I have been so damn hungry after my runs that I really will eat anything?
Either way I'm getting my veggie intake properly now.

So yes I went for a walk/run tonight - was feeling very tired and unmotivated when I started off though. So, I told myself I deserved to just power walk this one and listen to my music relaxingly.
Well that didn't last because before I knew it I found myself pounding the pavements - and for much much longer  distances than the previous times too.

Did you see Miranda Kerrs return the catwalk on the news tonight? She looked bloody amazing in the cossie. It's definately not the body I am aspiring to achieve but she did look really good since having a baby!

No tae bo. I thought this whole weight loss part of the journey was going to be centred around tae bo. But the only place I can do it is in the lounge room, when noone is home - which is rare because my brother does shiftwork, so the lounge room is usually occupied. I did try it in my bedroom but there just wasn't enough room (or air!).
Plus I do like listening to my own music and getting out the house rather than steaming up the lounge room with Billy Blanks yelling at me. That said, I do love tae bo; it just doesn't fit well with my schedule at the moment in that its hard to find the TV free and its much much easier to just step outside and run!

I'm still dwelling on how much I weigh. Can't believe I weigh 72. Disgusting.

Oh! Good news though, my boyfriend has been inspired by my sudden desire for a healthier me and has started his own training as well. He's always been a healthy eater and gone jogging regularly but thinks he has slacked on the strength training part lately so he is focusing on improving that area now. Its great!

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