Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 14 - Two weeks!

Hello 2 week mark!

The cheating (or less good things) of the past two weeks:
Nachos 2 nights in a row

Thai takeaway 2 nights in a row
2 bad desserts of icecream, icecream and apple pie
1 rest day of absolutely nothing
1 night of lots of alcohol
1 night of BBQ gorge buffet at friends house

The greats of the past two weeks:
Starting exercising again
Exercising 13/14 days
Starting a blog for motivation and to be held accountable for any cheating
Weight training; arms feeling better already
Feeling a tad more confident at uni
Cutting out white bread
Getting to bed earlier (even if I'm not sleeping well though)

Today was my long break-less day at uni. And, like last Tuesday, I was tired off my head when I got home around 7pm. And starved! I had nachos again...sorry...it was leftovers night. I also treated myself to a dessert for the week, of ice cream. I wasn't going to do any exercise but I saw my new weight training book lying there so I did about 5 or 6 different exercises from that, only 1 set of each though. But a burn is a burn! Right?


  1. I hear ya on being stuffed at the end of the day and reaching for the easy option! Maybe you could make the no-break uni day a frozen dinner day? Just buy a few of the low fat options from the supermaket when they are on special.
    You can add stuff too. I add frozen mixed veges to the Weight Watchers Hot Pot meat, Or i add rice to the Healthy Choice Apricot chicken. Those dinners are great for when you feel rushed. Then you can go to bed without feeling guilty ;o)

    Sharron - Losing 100

  2. I had a go at a banner. Want to give me your e-mail address so i can send it to you? :D


  3. Hey i emailed you with my email address did you get it?