Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 12 - Its raining, I can't exercise?

It rained. It hailed.

I hopped on the exercise bike.

But not after thinking "well I guess this will have to be my day off then".

And the exercise bike was not easy. I almost stopped at 10min because I was so tired, hot and bored. I pushed through though, almost stopping at the 15min mark for the same reasons, but I just managed to pump out another 5min to make a total 20min on the exercise bike. The last 5-10min were HIIT (8 second sprint, 12 second recovery).

That's my exercise bike --> Its pretty el-cheapo, only 70bucks but hey it gets the legs moving and the heart rate up.

The rain stopped. The sun came out. It dropped about 10 degrees Celsius when the rain came through so it was freezing now. (All the better to exercise in right?)

So I went for my short walk route - about 15-20minutes. I've been trying to time precisely but I always forget to look at the clock when I get back. Guess I'm just so happy to have finished exercising.

My muscles have been so so tight the past couple of days so I've been trying to stretch them out heaps, its not working too great but has helped a bit. I'll keep it up.

Dinner - lovely steak, LOVELY barbecued potatoes which took me a lot of will power to minimise how many of them I had, so I filled up the rest of my plate with mixed veggies.

As I type an apple pie is baking in the oven with my name on it. Will I be able to resist? Lets hope so...


  1. RESIST THE APPLE PIE. Oh, well that was easy to type out... I am sure the smells alone coming from the oven are tempting you even more... Hopefully if you did indulge it wasnt tooooo bad. ;)

    I HATE exercise bikes. I hate spin class and yeah I must agree... totally boring. But you pushed through... yay for you!!

    Thanks so much for the support on my blog!!

    You've got a new reader too!! :)

  2. @Finding...I honestly haven't found it THAT hard to incorporate healthy diet and excersise into my life. My biggest thing is that I work a LOT and by the time I get home I'm exhausted and just do not feel like going for a walk or letting Jillian kick my ass. I have an awesome supportive man in my life who is there for me no matter what so that really helps. I did always have regular activity in my life...not nearly enough so I've had to increase the length and durration as well as the intensity of it and our diet was horrible...I'm lucky taht I like fruits and veggies and lean meats and vegetarian dishes...Chris is having difficulty with that...I also haven't had cravings for much other than a super juicy nectarine and spicy food (which is easy to get with salsa!) so I've been able to do a lot of fake out dinners that are pretty much the same but healthy :) Thanks for following my blog!

  3. I don't like exercise bikes. Mainly coz my ass is so fat, the seat hurts my pelvis lol
    Do you cycle in front of the tele? I used to use a treadmill [but it died] and i only used it while watching my fav shows. I hit two birds with one stone there. 1. There was no way i was missing my show so i always kept my exercise 'appointment'. And 2. I actualy started looking forward to the treadmill. Mind games see?

    Sharron - Losing 100

  4. Do you want to look like those girls in your header? The toned girl is sooooo photo shopped! And the other girl probably lives on lettuce.
    You want to look like you.
    Can i make you a blog header?
    My email address is If you'd like me to, send me a pic of you, or if you don't want your pic on it, thats cool too. Just let me make something for you coz i need any excuse to make something...anything...anytime lol

    Sharron - Losing 100

  5. Haha thanks, I resisted the apple pie luckily!

    Yep in front of the telly and only when I am watching a really good show. Yep, it hurts my arse too, but I think i'm getting used to it a bit more now.

    Nah I don't want to look like them, its just some mild form on inspiration. And I spent ages searching google images for 'fit girl' but the girl on the left was pretty much the best one. I don't think she is photo shopped, it might just look like that because I drew the blue stuff around her to blend in with the background.

    What do you use to make the headers???

    Everyone has such fancy ones and that was the best I could do. LOL sure you can make me one if you can be bothered! But I don't want my pic in it just yet. :)

  6. Ok. I use a scrapbook page program :o)