Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 13 - Tight muscles, unsupportive brother, nachos

Muscles, mainly hamstring, is so tight still. But after my walk tonight (only a bit of jogging due to tightness and a desperate need for new running shoes), I stretched the hell out of my legs using one of my new health books with diagrams.

A couple of days ago my oldest brother (25yo) made some remark about how many vegetables I was having with dinner and I openly stated that I've put on weight since dating my bf and am trying to be healthier. Then tonight he makes another snide remark when we were having nachos for dinner ''isn't that a bit unheathy for you (in a stirring tone)" and I said "yes it is but I've got some vegetables in the microwave to have also" and he said "yeah I'm sure that will take away all the saturated fat". Gosh. I just said "yep thats the idea". I just don't get his attitude. Is he threatened by me being healthy or something? He himself does no deliberate exercise, only the exercise he gets a work stacking fruit at the grocery store. I think the roots of his nastiness lie in his own insecurities and I'm trying not to let it get to me it just makes me wonder how strange people are...

Also, the day goes too quickly! I just want to read my new health books but I have to sleep before uni, sigh.

P.S. My arms are so muscley and firmer already, they look nicer! :-)


  1. Hey :o)
    Your brother is suffering from Tall Poppy syndrome. Some people just feel the need to tear people down when trying to make life better. It's like when someone tries to give up smoking and his smoking peers say stuff like " You'll never do it. Give it a couple of days and you'll be smoking again."
    Tell your brother that if he doesn't have anything positively encouraging to say, then keep his mouth shut.
    Keep up the good work!

    Sharron - Losing 100
    [I have to sign as anonymous coz blogger won't let me sign in to some blogs. dunno why]

  2. And he is a smoker too!

    I will tell him that. Thanks that made me feel better. I think i also need to tell him that im not eating less I'm eating that same amounts but healthier. Hey maybe I'll even put him on the spot and say "do you think I'm fat/overwight or could use losing some wieght and shaping up?". He would be thinking yes...not sure if he would say it but I'd shove it back in his face if he said yes and say well that's what I'm doing so lay the @#$% off! carried away

  3. lol that's too funny! Do that >:o)