Friday, 26 August 2011

Day 31 - Breaking through the wall

Went for a run tonight on my long route - 3km (about 20min). Started off and thought that I probably wouldn't be able to run the whole way. My brain just wouldn't shut up! It kept talking about how far I had to go and when I should stop.

But I told it to SHUT UP! And I ran the whole way, non-stop :-D And I feel GREAT!

I have come so far it just amazes me. I added my short route on to the end of my run but I just walked that to stretch out and cool down and get a bit more exercise in.

I also bought some Natures Way Protein in vanilla today. I had it 1 hour before my run with water. It was pretty nice, would be much much better with milk but I only wanted a snack. Anyone else drink protein drinks?

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