Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 21 - 3 Weeks!

Hit the 3 Week mark today!
Maybe I shouldn't be counting the days though? It's more of a measuring progress thing...

Wore shorts today, was so sick of wearing jeans...it still August but I've had enough! I'm just layering up top and hitting uni in shorts from now on. 

Bad  run again. My feet felt like the were clobbering along the path as soon as I started jogging. Even when I was walking actually. Could it be all down to my new running shoes?
My ankles and knees felt like they were just all over the place...
It was so annoying because I felt great in the lungs like I could have run forever! Just a bad day?

Let me know what you think of my food intake on my Food page!


  1. My runs have been feeling like this lately - just off! It's driving me crazy, and I don't know how to make it better, so, unfortunately, I don't have any advice for you! :( But it might be your new shoes - maybe they just need a little more break in time.

  2. I hope so...it just makes me sad haha just walking downhill from the shops today was hurting my knees. I can't put my finger on exactly what feels different about my walking and running style but it is so annoying!

    I just wanna run!!!!!! Why the bad karma ? :-(