Monday, 29 August 2011


Tried on some shorts that I bought about 8 weeks ago this morning. They were just tight when I bought them and I was expecting them to be loose or a perfect fit this morning. I was silly, because they were still tight. It's only been over 4 weeks I guess I'm expecting  too much too soon. It just annoyed me!!!


  1. That would annoy me too. In fact, it would be enough to send me into a downward spiral!
    Try a shirt on instead. The weight has probably just moved from other areas first :o)

    Sharron - Losing 100

  2. Yeah I mean it is only 3kg from the WHOLE of my body - arms, stomach, chest, hips, legs, so I was silly to think they would fit.
    I wanted to pig out on chips and cereal but had an egg instead

  3. Good on you for not diving into comfort food. That's progress right there :o)