Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 15 - Long exercise session day

One of my books I borrowed called 'Running and Fat Burning for Women', written by 2 marathon runners, reckons that you should include one long exercise session a week. They say 90 minutes but as a beginner too build up to that. So I am making Wednesday nights my long session night. Last night (was too tired to blog before sleep), I did a 45-50 Min Run/walk session by combining my long and short loops together. It felt really good!

I resisted a bunch of desserts my dad bought last night too! :-)

I'll give you an example of what I eat since I haven't logged that yet. Yesterday:

Breakfast - 3 Weetbix and Muesli with Light milk (2 Weetbix = 118cal)
Lunch - 2 corn thins with shaved ham and 2 corn thins with vegemite (2 corn thins = 46cal)
Afternoon tea - 1 Up and Go Vive drink - 178cal
Dinner - 3 pieces of frozen fish (114cal each) with lots of vegetables and sweet chilli sauce

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