Sunday, 21 August 2011

Day 26 - NEW NEW joggers

Started my day with a walk in my new brooks joggers. Terrible. Hurting knees, hurting ankles. Feet clomping the pavement loudly. Very very angry at my bad luck.
Scrubbed up the shoes and washed the dirt and crap off them and tried my luck back at the shoe store to take them back. They did! They didn't even inspect them.
Instantly went over to the Nike Pegasus 28's (pegasus were my old shoe before crappy brooks), tried em on, perfect!

Went for another walk/run tonight to try out my new new shoes and they felt soooo much better! When I ran there was some lingering leg pain but I think that is just some mild damage from wearing the Brooks around for a week, so hopefully everything will return to normal soon

I ate great today too. Lunch was beautiful - Egg with tomato, onion and garlic on 1 piece wholemeal bread.

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