Monday, 22 August 2011

Day 27 - Ran and feeling good!

Well...besides all my uni work due this week which I am struggling with I'm feelin good :-)

Went for a run/walk tonight and it went great!!! I ran for so long, almost all of my long route which is 2.8km. I only had one break in the middle because I thought I shouldn't try and push it too much too soon. And then I did my short route straight after, just walked around that one. So about 45-50Min of exercise.
Was loving my music and feeling so happy to burn off all that pizza and crap.

One strange thing digestive system has slowed down of late. I was averaging 1-2 a day and now I don't think it has happened for 1.5 days. Why the hell would that happen?


  1. Stress, lack of physical excercise, change in diet (high protien, low fibre)...Stress is the likely source though if you're just gettingg back at school

  2. Its been normal up until a couple of days ago though, that's the strange thing. Starting uni again, more exercise and actually more protein and fibre helped it out haha. Now it's just suddenly slower over last couple of days. Strange...ANYWAY I'll spare everyone any further gory details. I apologise for the above information :-P