Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day 7 and 8 - Get a good nights sleep

After some shocking sleeps Tuesday left me absolutely buggered beyond repair (and I think my muscles and body needed repairing) - so no exercise on day 7...but I ate well...except for two pieces of garlic bread...there was so much of it leftover it needed using up! Give me a break.

Went to bed at 830/9 on Tuesday night for a nice read and a well needed sleep and I felt excellent today because of it!

Did I weigh myself finally?

I might tell you the results at the end of this blog..

So how was my day 8 you ask? Great!
I had wholemeal bread, 2 pieces of fruit, spaghetti for dinner but I cut the portion in half and stacked veggies in to fill me up. And, as someone who doesn't really eat much outside of potato corn and carrot, the beans actually went down quite well.

No tae bo but a walk/run before dinner. A longer one this time, and I made sure that I included some of the hills in the running portion and also tried not to let other people out exercising put me off my game (sometimes I get a  bit embarrassed about my puffing and running style etc).

Oh! And some weights too! After the run, not many but enough to add that extra burn to my burning body.

Alright alright...I'll tell you how much I weighed...only if you promise not to..well...I'm not sure but here goes..


That's right.


5 more...FIVE MORE than the last time I weighed myself.

I have never been in the 70s...I've skimmed it at times but a couple of years ago I weighed 63kg! About 18months ago I weighed 67kg and now, now I weigh a massive 72. Which is HUGE for my height which is around 165cm give or take.

It was a predicted shock I must say.

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